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Promyvion Guide by Darkprayer

I wanted to start a guide about Promyvions, but found this one to be so good that I couldn't add anything... so I'm simply going to cut and paste it here for convenience. All credits go to Darkprayer who originally posted this guide on Allakhazam, all I did is to format it.

Original post : http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/forum.html?forum=11&mid=1102810586633048277&num=54

Promyvion Guide by Darkprayer
A guide to help people lead, participate, and succeed in Promyvions


Hello everyone,

I want to touch upon the reasons why I decided to write this guide.
1. I wanted a source with comprehensive information that discussed the first 3 Promyvions (Dem, Holla, Mea) in depth.
2. I wanted a guide that would help any person who was interested in leading a Promyvion, to have the resources available to them.
3. I wanted a quick look-up that would give players who were participating in a Promyvion, a place with solid answers to there questions.
4. I wanted a wealth of information that changes with the updates that are targeted to Promyvion.

† -------------------------------------------------- †

The flow of topics in this resource will be chronological as to my experiences involving Promyvion.
1. Preparation
2. Promyvion
4. Beastiary
5. Extras

As I open with this guide, I wanted to make clear that these are my experiences with a Promyvion. I am well aware that there are ENDLESS possibilities to doing any mission in this game. I have no intention of belittling any job, method, or strategy. I welcome your thoughts, reactions, comments, criticism, and anything you may want to add.


1. How many parties are you going to bring?

† You may bring as little as 1 party. The smaller amount of people you bring, the less dangerous your trip will be.
† You may bring as many parties or alliances as you wish. Though you may feel very safe, your organization of the "Group" will be troublesome at times
† Only bring increments of 6 people. Any less then 6 and they will most likely have to skip out on the final fight.

2. Set a meeting place for your "Group"

† I personally recommend on top the Auction House in Lower Jeuno. You may look for party members, it is less congested up top, and you have an AH close by that you will need to use.
† Another place is Ru'lude Gardens in front of the AH. A lot less people and you still have access to items.

3. Start inviting people

† You may want to start with your LS first to see who needs them completed. Many people will be appreciated that you thought of them initially.
† Ask friends
† Start a non-annoying spam in Jeuno areas.
† Choose "party leaders" that are going to take this event seriously. You will be putting responsibilities on them.
† As you are making your party, you need to keep in mind that you must fight a BCNM with your party you are forming now. You can read countless threads on what jobs are "Good" and what jobs are "Bad". My opinion is that ALL jobs have something to offer to the final fight. I have heard, seen, and experienced countless parties with limitless possibilities for jobs. Do NOT count a job out just because someone may have told you otherwise. If you bring in a "Balanced" group to the fight, you will be able to make your own idea of what YOU think will work.

4. Requirements of party members

† Ask every person you invite if they have a copy of "Chains Of Promethia" the expansion for Final Fantasy XI. You may think this is common sense, but many players think that Promyvion is just part of the game when you hit 30.
† Ask every person if they have "activated" CoP for there computer by typing in there "Access Code" provided in the new manual.
† Ask every person if they have the missions that are required to enter the Promyvions. The mission names are "Below the Arks" and "The Mother Crystals". If they have not done this yet, read further. If they have, then skip to the next step. The first cut scene that you are required to get is located in Lower Delkfutt's Tower. All you need to do is Zone into the entrance. The second cut scene is located in the Upper Jeuno infirmary. You must talk to the NPC named " " in order to start cut scene. The third cut scene is located in Ru'lude Gardens. You must head to the Knight's Quarters in the Western part of the Northern building on the map. It is NOT up the stairs. You will just be required to talk to the few Knights that are in that room for the cut scene to initiate. Now you are ready to start the Promyvions
† Ask every person if they have the next 2-3 hours available. I say this because different groups take different amounts of time to complete this mission. It is very troublesome for people to leave mid-way and spoil it for there group members that they left.
† Ask every person if they have lvl 30 equipment. These Promyvions are capped at 30. So a lvl 75 character who wants to help, needs to buy lvl 30 equipment or lower also.
† Ask every person if they have attempted a Promyvion before. If they had attempted and failed there last Promyvion, then they MUST go back to that location, and "Erase" there memory in the "Hall of Transference". They walk up to the "Large Apparatus" and select the option to do so. They will then leave the "Hall of Transference" and are ready to join your party.

5. What to bring in terms of Medicine, Food, and Drink.

† This of course varies on your party setup and what you will assign each person to do during the BCNM fight at the end. But I will give what I feel is a "Basic Guideline" on what to bring, though it will vary depending on how it is run.
† Any person even related to casting spells or dependent on MP: 2-3 Yagudo Drinks, 2 Hi-Ethers, and 2 Echo Drops.
† Any person even related to melee or dependent on HP: 2-3 X-Potions, 2-3 drinks of your choice to life regeneration.
† If you are doing Promyvion-Dem: Extra medicine from above jobs.
† If you are doing Promyvion-Holla: 5 Holy Water, and 4 Poison Potions.
† If you are doing Promyvion-Mea: 5 Antidote

6. Animas

† Animas are items that you throw at the BCNM during the Final Fight in a Promyvion.
† There are a series of steps you must follow to obtain an "Anima". Animas are created from "Drops" in a Promyvion. Any creature located in one may "Drop" the specific item. These items are named as follows:
Recollection of Pain
Recollection of Guilt
Recollection of Fear
When you obtain one of these Rare/Ex items, you may bring it to Upper Jeuno and trade it to the Scientist in the North most building. His name is "Hirakath". You will also have to give him 2k. The "Anima" will be done immediately.
† Depending on which "Recollection" you traded, you will get a specific Anima.
Recollection of Pain = Hysteroanima - NM will be unable to use special attacks for 20-30 seconds
Recollection of Guilt = TerroAnima - NM runs around for 20-30 seconds and does little to attack.
Recollection of Fear = PsychoAnima - NM will not use basic attacks very well for 20-30 seconds
† The effects of each "Anima" are as follows when thrown at the BCNM.

7. End of Preparation

† After you feel you have talked with everyone about all steps in the Preparation, then get everyone gathered at your location you chose in the earlier step.
† If you have a WHM in your party, and all memory that needs to be erased is erased, then Teleport to your desired Promyvion you chose to do.† Have ALL participants wait in the "Hall of Transference" so all can be together.
† The "Hall of Transference" can be reached by "Touching" the broken Crystal at your respected Promyvion. If members are unable to "Go in". Then please review the steps in step 4.

Your role in Preparation:

† Congratulations on getting enough courage to Lead this great undertaking. In fact, there is nothing wrong if you wanted to Co-Lead this expedition with someone else. Make sure both of you have assigned tasks that each will do.
† You must be constantly moving this along. Large amounts of "waiting time" will just make people impatient, and feel they are wasting there time. Be talking about each step and give concern that ALL should be listening. Keep tabs on where each person is, who is on mule, and what your next step is going to be.

† My advice to you is just have the Preparation steps done as quickly as possible. When you are finished, help other people along. This will show that you know what you are doing and others will trust your judgement in the future. You will also take A LOT of stress off of the Leader.
† Reiterating the steps even after the Leader has done so, will just move things along even more, so don't be afraid to step up to the plate.


1. While in "Hall of Transference"

† Everyone should understand right now that the key to success is listening, and organization.
† Everyone should turn unnecessary filters on. You do not want to see things that do not require your immediate attention.
† Delete unneeded /p in macros to control the Battle Chat spam.
† Toggle your damage to screen so that you do not see 16+ peoples damage on your Chat Log. It will make it impossible to read the orders given by the Leader.
† Take off your Linkshell.
† The Leader will talk to the other "Party Leaders" to review there responsibilities and jobs while in the Promyvion. Please Read "Black" section at end of "Promyvion" chapter.
† Leader: Read briefing 1 in the "Black" section at the end of "Promyvion" chapter

2. Enter the Promyvion

† When you first enter the world. Tell everyone to NOT move and just scan around for a moment.
† Leader: Go over Briefing 2 in "Black" section located at the end of "Promyvion" chapter.
† When you are done with briefing and there are no Questions, then tell everyone to "Buff up".

3. Searching for the Memory Receptacle

† At this time, while all are getting there bearings, you will have your RNG use WideScan to find the first MR.
† Remember to avoid aggro whenever possible.
† If you want to elect someone to be a "Scout" to find the safest path to MR, do so.
† Especially avoid the monsters that are specific to each Promyvion. They are inherently harder.
Promyvion-Dem = Gorger
Promyvion-Holla = Thinker
Promyvion-Mea = Craver
† When you do find the MR, be sure to make Camp and clear out any possible aggro within it. Remember that any mobs you kill can and WILL pop up later.
† Any fights you encounter, you want the mages to STAY BACK from the fight. All creatures have AOE attacks. 90% of them WILL emit harmful status effects that can easily kill an entire alliance if not dealt with correctly.

4. Memory Receptacle Battle

† Be sure and make a Camp in a well thought out place.
† Be sure to remember everyone's specific job at an MR battle.
† Spam the remaining life of the MR every 10-15 seconds.
† When the MR is destroyed, remind everyone that they are on a time limit for the portal. And the "Strays" must all be destroyed before anyone teleports.
† If the "Strays" are attacking any players when they are in the teleport, those players will NOT be allowed to go to the next area.

5. Moving on to the next lvl of Promyvion

† Tell everyone to Rest
† Everyone "Rebuff"
† on the 2nd lvl on to the last, there is a possibility that the MR you destroy will not turn into a teleport. These are called "Fakes". If that happens, immediately yell "Fake" and disengage the attack on the remaining "Strays".
† Each lvl of a Promyvion gets Harder. Not only by the environment having more obstacles, but the mobs get tougher as well.
† Follow the same strategy up until you get to the Last floor.

6. The Final floor of a Promyvion

† This floor has NO MR to fight. You will Zone for this.
† The creatures on this floor mean certain death to a party of 1 if not planned out entirely
† Any links in a 1 party group and it will spell catastrophe.
† You are now searching for the Castle like structure that you saw in the beginning. You will zone in at the Castle entrance.

Your Role in Promyvion:

You have a LOT to do in this portion. You will be typing the entire time and need to be concrete in your decisions. Please read your briefings below in your "Group" chat at the desired times marked.

Briefing 1:
† You will need to cover each topic I discuss below in detail. Say it how you would like to say it, everyone wants to come off differently.
† Organization is key to victory
† Everyone needs to listen and keep chatting to a minimum
† Do not walk in front of Leader
† Only attack what Leader says to "Attack"
† Aggro from mobs can mean doom if you are not careful
† Only "Move" when the Leader says "Move"
† Set down the rules about either killing aggro on the spot if it is safe, or pull aggro to the Leader position, out of range of possible link.
† Tell your "Party Leaders" to check with you when party is full MP, HP, and ready to go. Have them also tell you when there entire party is through the MR portal.
† Remind everyone NOT to use there 2HR until BCNM fight.
† Ask "Group" if there are any Questions as to what you just said.
† Move into the Promyvion

Briefing 2:
† In this section you will be going over the MR fight, and everyone’s specific jobs. Make sure everyone understands what they are doing.
† RNG: Will be pulling 2 "Strays" at a time per a party. When party is fighting the "Strays". RNG will be spamming MR with Arrows. In the event that 1 arrow kills a single "Stray", you will order the RNGs to only spam MR with arrows. This will cause the "Strays" to attack the RNGs.
† BLM: Nuking MR from safe distance, backup heal if party needs it.
† RDM: Nuking MR from safe distance, backup heal if party needs it. Also Dia the MR if possible
† WHM: Heal party
† SMN: Send pet in to attack the MR. Back up heal if necessary.
† Melee related jobs: Must stay in "Camp" and voke the "Strays" off of the RNGs and any mages. They must NOT get close to MR.
† BRD: MP regeneration song, and HP regeneration song helps a lot
† When the MR is destroyed, the teleporter to the next floor is only opened for 3 min. You must kill ALL strays before you enter. People being hit by "Strays" will be left behind.
† If the MR is not engaged, and it goes to a Neutral enemy that has not been attacked. It will regenerate life in 20% increments VERY quickly. If you have to have some down time to regroup, sleep it. The MR does NOT aggro until you attack it. That being said, you could kill ALL strays in the area, before you worry about it actually attacking you.
† Ask everyone if there are any Questions over what you just said.
† If no Questions, tell everyone "Good luck" and start buffing.

† Please be a model player and help keep the parties quite while the Leader gets his/her message out.
† You need to be ready for a change of plan at a moments notice. Aggro, Death, DC, or just something unexpected will happen. Keep a cool head and understand that nothing goes perfectly. Just be ready to suggest something constructive and get the group moving.


1. You Zone into the Spire on the last floor

† You will NOT be capped while in the Spire. But you WILL be capped while fighting the BCNM.
† Everyone should take a 5min break when all arrive.
† Stay in "Group" chat to discuss everyone's plan for the BCNM. This also gets the questions out that people need answered about the fight.
† After everyone has a "Basic" idea of what the BCNM is, and you discussed "Basic" strategy, break off into separate parties of 6. You will then Talk about your party's plan specifically.

2. Prepare your party

† All members need to know there jobs during the fight.
† Discuss what "Can" and "Cannot" be used against the BCNM.
† Make sure Food and Medicine is evenly dispersed amongst party.

3. Rematch against the BCNM ?

† If everyone in your party dies, or zones out through the back of the arena. Have EVERYONE in your party DC and stay off of Final Fantasy XI for 5 min. This will cause all the dead party members to be transferred back into the "Spire" waiting room. As long as there is a WHM there, you can get a raise for everyone and get a second shot at the BCNM.
† If you do this tactic. Make sure NO 2HRs were used during fight. That will just make the rematch that much more difficult. Discuss your plan of action if you are going to DC and rematch BEFORE your first fight.

Your Role in BCNM:

† Go over separate jobs and what you recommend. Be sure to hear everyone out before you break off into separate strategy. Everyone has something to offer that the "Group" may not of thought of.
† If you are fighting in Promyvion-Dem: BCNM named Propegator. Is from Gorger family.
1. Spirit Absorption - 200 damage and drain to single target.
2. At 50% life, it will start using an ability called "Fusion" which spawns pets. Kiting will stop pets from spawning.
3. Promyvion Barrier - Special ability to make the "Pets" have a defence boost.
† If you are fighting in Promyvion-Holla: BCNM named Wreaker. Is from Thinker family.
1. Trinary Tap - Ability that steals status effects from the targeted player.
2. Shadow Spread - AOE Sleep and Curse
3. Impaler - Single high damage attack
4. Material Feud - Evasion boost
5. Promyvion Wind - Dispels negative effects on itself
† If you are fighting in Promyvion-Mea: BCNM named Delver. Is from Craver family.
1. Murk - AOE Slow and Sleep
2. Carousel - AOE Damage, resets hate, and adds poison (12dmg a tick)

† Share any information that you may know about the BCNM. Everyone wants to win, so keep the knowledge flowing.
† Listen to your party leader during the fight. Know when everyone is going to 2HR, and such.
† You MUST stop moving the NM if the SMN is going to 2HR. Otherwise, it will miss.
† If someone dies, bring them back to life. If someone DCs, just leave the Promyvion through the back, and wait for them. Keep a cool head and many possibilities will be open to you.


Important Note:
† ALL mobs in the Promyvion have a specific elemental property to them. All you need to do is look at there shining colour.
† All mobs increase in difficulty as you rise in the Floors. There HP, MP, Damage, and statistics ALL go up.

1. Wanderer

† Vanity Strike - Weapon Skill with single target damage.
† Empty Balegaur - Weapon Skill with AOE damage
† Aura of Persistance - Defense boost
† Mirage - Evasion boost

2. Weeper

† Empty cutter - Weapon Skill with single target damage
† Auroral Drape - AOE silence and blind
† Vacuous Osculation - single target damage with poison and Plague.
† Hexa belt - Defense boost
† The weeper will use an elemental AOE damaging ability depending on which element it is. Use the chart to know what attack.
Memory of Fire - AOE fire damage
Memory of Ice - AOE ice damage
Memory of Wind - AOE wind damage
Memory of Earth - AOE earth damage
Memory of Water - AOE water damage
Memory of Thunder - AOE thunder damage
Memory of Light - AOE light damage
Memory of Dark - AOE dark damage

3. Seether

† Only appears after 1st floor
† Lamentation - AOE damage and dia effect
† Wanion - AOE dispel all magic and abilities on party. That includes shadows

4. Gorger

† Only found in Promyvion-Dem
† Stygian Flatus - AOE Paralyze
† Promyvion Barrier - Defense boost

5. Thinker

† Only found in Promyvion-Holla
† Trinary Tap - Steals 3 buffs from selected target
† Promyvion Wind - Dispels status effects on itself
† Binary Absorption - Steals 2 buffs from selected target
† Negative Whirle - AOE Slow and Damage
† Stygian ? - AOE Plague

6. Craver

† Only found in Promyvion-Mea
† Brainspike - Single target damage
† Murk - AOE Gravity and Slow

7. Memory Receptacle

† Does not aggro until it is directly attacked
† Spawn rate of "Strays" are MUCH lower until the MR is attacked
† Empty Seed - AOE Damage and Knockback. If you are 15 steps away from the MR, you will most likely avoid this attack.


1. How do I obtain a map for the Promyvions?

† The map is obtained by receiving a certain "Drop" from a mob in Promyvion. ANY mob has the ability to drop this item.
† After you receive the specified drop. You then take it to the specified floor on the Promyvion.
† Trade your item to a randomly placed "???" spot that has locations around glowing memory matter. These spots are always guarded by 5-6 strong IT++ mobs.
† Promyvion-Dem - Beryl Memodrop
† Promyvion-Holla - Teal Memodrop
† Promyvion-Mea - Indigo Memodrop

2. Notorious Monsters

† There is a NM in every Promyvion that is NOT including the BCNM
† The NM is located on the 3rd floor in every Promyvion
† This NM takes the form of the "Special" creature that is proprietary to the Promyvion itself.
† Promyvion-Dem -
† Promyvion-Holla - Cerebrater
† Promyvion-Mea -

3. Conclusion

I wish you the BEST of luck against whichever Promyvion you decide to attempt. This guide will be changing when people learn more about each creature, special tactics, or just some good advice. I am constantly adding new sections and want your experiences and feedback as well.

I THANK YOU for taking the time to read this Guide. Many people helped make this guide possible. I want to thank my LS [Holy]. I thank the several people who let me join there parties as support. And Dogbreath who spent all his time and money helping me.

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