How to beat Maat WAR style with a regular axe (By Clagnut)

Requested and Answered by Clagnut on 25-Feb-2007 20:26

How to beat Maat WAR style with a regular axe (By Clagnut)

Guide to WARrior Maat.

Equipment needed

Step 1. Make sure you are well equipped preferably something
similar to this..., Haubergeon, snipers/woodsmans ring,
sun/victory ring, darksteel axe +1, a good shield for the
level, chivalrous chain, potent belt, Fighters Calligae,
Ryl knights breeches, amemet mantle, sipahi turban,
minuet earring, mermans/coral earring, opo-opo necklace,
blink band.

Extra Items needed

Step 2. Make sure u have the correct items... sole sushi, icarus
wing, 4x sleeping potion, about 7-10 hi-potions(usable
during medicated effect) and a pamama au lait if possible
if not a pear au lait will do just fine

Once your in the BC

Step 3. Now that your in the BC equip your opo-opo necklace
and use the 4x sleeping potions, this will give you 100%
now that you have done this use your blink band to gain
the effect of blink and use your sole sushi.
after doing all this now re-equip your fighting gear.
in my case this would have been Chivalrous chain and
sipahi turban.

Fighting Maat.

Step 4. At this point you should be approaching maat,
use your au lait for hp regen, start walking up to maat
then activate all your abilities in this order, berserk,
aggressor, warcry then mighty strikes, start to attack
maat rampage him straight away with mighty strikes up
use your icarus wing and rampage him again, maat should
be ready to use mighty strikes now, he will start hitting you
for around 300 dmg each time, spam your hi-potions
when he hits you, by this time he should be around 27%
health, if your needing a potion use it then just all out
attack him if your blink band is still on then it should be
able to protect you until he is dead.

Addtional help.

if you would like to see this tactic in process please visit this URL

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