Beastmaster Ancient Tips

Requested and Answered by Crimsonwolf on 20-Nov-2006 14:24

Beastmaster Ancient Tips

Someone has posted recently a concern about young BST not knowing the very userful tips that us older BST have come to know and love.

The Charm-Claim!
Charm is an incredibly fast way to claim a monster. It's been reported to be the 2nd, if not the 1st fastest claim tool. The only drawback is the shorter range than Provoke, (but it used to have the same range as that).

You can claim Uncharmables & Notorious monsters very efficiently (as long as you dont have a pet). Post-35 you can even use it to claim charmable monsters before someone else, then just find a private spot to {Leave} and kill it in peace.

This is also useful for 'provoking' those damn monsters that just won't stop walking! We all know the experience of following a goblin for 2 minutes as he randomly walks around at a snail's pace, as we're 'all up in his butt' waiting for a chance to swing! While we're on the topic, why can they hit us while we're running for our lives, but we can't even swing at them when they're walking like they have Gravity on...

The Charm-Bind!
Using Charm on a non-charmable monster (like beastmen and undead) Will momentarily bind that monster from moving. This will last anywhere from .5 to 1 second. It may not seem like long, but it can save lives!

Example 1: You see someone running for the zone with an angry unclaimed monster on their tail. If you're a good samaratin, you can toss it a Charm and save their life, and proceed to kill it off.

Example 2: Youre running for the zone with a goblin on your tail! Throw him a Charm every chance you get as you keep running, the small increase in distance between you may very well save your life until the zone!

Charm-Bind Followup!
The problem with Charm-Bind is that you stop running when you cast Charm, so you can very well be dealt a fatal hit as you're trying to save yourself. There is a solution to this.

If you change a piece of gear that causes your character model to change (you know, the dissapear for a second thing) just as you Charm, you will NOT stop running and charm will work anyway!

So it may be good to setup a macro pecifically for Charm-Bind that changes your hat for example, to any ol other hat you want to carry, Like so:

/equip head "Bronze Cap"
/ja "Charm"

This will let you bind the monster chasing you, while not losing any ground from stopping to charm! There may need to be a "/wait 1" betwen the two for charm to go off, so test it out first. If all goes well you will blink out of view and charm without losing ground.

Adding these furhter lines to switch your gear back to normal can have you ready to repeat this macro in case youre still too close for comfort:

/equip head "Bronze Cap"
/ja "Charm"
/wait 3
/equip head "Your usual hat"

Also there's no need to have two items to swap between for the moving action to take place.

/equip Legs "Beast Trousers"
will equip AF legs,
/equip Legs
will de-equip your leg slot. (And have the same effect as changing gear)

AoE Hate and Link Diffusion
After lvl 35, the issue of your pet throwing out an unwanted AoE (Area attack) causing nearby monsters to get angy, can be easily solved. As well as unwanted links on your pet. If this hapens, step back a way to be out of possible hate range, and simply use Leave. The following will hapen:
-Your pet will uncharm
-Every angry monster will stop attacking it, and be impossible to link or get agro from for a few seconds. (they turn "unactive" like after using Leave on your pet.)
-The links will just walk away.
-Only the monster you were innitially fighting will come after you.

It should be noted that the innitial target can still link others of his kind on the way to you, if they were outside of this little group-fight.

Another note is that you should avoid using {Fight} or interacting in any way with any of the linked monsters, or else that one will also come after you when you use Leave.

It's worth mentioning that interacting with your pet in ANY way once you get a link on it will cause the links to come after you when it's dead.

The Leave-Pull
By the same rules as the last topic, is the Leave Pull. This is used for pulling a target monster out of a swarm of linking brothers. Simply Charm any useless nearby pet, or Call Beast (a cheap one) and {Fight} it on the monster you want. The following will hapen:
-Your pet hits your wanted pull, it turns red.
-All his buddies will become mad and start whacking at your pet.

Then you just get back to camp, use Leave, and only the red monster will come to you, free of links!

If there are other linking brothers between the pull spot and camp, simply use {Heel} until they have all started chasing your pet, Then use {Leave} From a safe distance (not too close to camp).

Another use for Gauge
As we know, Sometimes it's hard to tell just how tough an Incredibly Tough monster is before fighting it. Sometimes you start a fight only to realize "Damn, hes way tougher than the last IT!". Well there's a nifty little trick that usually helps on charmable monsters.

The message you get from using Gauge will help you determine just how higher up the monster's level is, by the charm difficulty it reports. A lower level VT-IT should seem slightly more charmable than a high level one.

By using Gauge frequently this way, you will get to know which message means "Get ready for a tough fight!"

Train Diffusion -No longer valid as of Dec 12 '05-
Leave can be used to dismantle the most overwhelming trains, like the ones we all know from Crawler's Nest. All you need to do is Charm the links one at a time, and {Leave} them out of link range. Usually you'll want to start with the agressive 'boss' of the train. Once he's safely out of everyone's way, the rest of the train is prety harmless unless someone stupid decides to pull one too soon.

If the train contains many agressive monsters, just be careful and charm them from outside aggro range. We are the only job that can safely dismantle a train (except maybe SMN), as the only choice any other job has is to attack outskirt members of the train and kill them off one at a time. Though this usually leads to the whole train re-linking and getting pulled all the way back to the zone again.

Another option is to Charm the boss of the train, and attack any other monster in the group. They will all link and start attacking the boss, then very quickly get the boss back to his home deep inside the zone, Leave him, and kill the one monster you had him attack when it comes at you (being careful of the train coming back your way). However this could cause linking problems for parties fighting similar monsters in the area, as the junior members of the diffused train make their way home. So option one is the best for everyone.

The ultimately simplest solution if applicable (if train boss is EM-), is to charm the agressive boss of the train and make him attack the lackies. The lackies will then utterly destroy him, and you can then charm the one lackie that comes after you once the boss is dead, then Leave him pleacefully. This way the mass of linkers are still alive, but at least the aggressive trigger-man is gone, and they can wander home without bothering anyone that doesn't bother them.

Remember to go outside the zone and give a /shout warning before starting, so unsuspecting people don't wander into the mess from around a corner, and get things ugly again.

The Last-Resort Charm
Posted by: Wondroustremor

You can charm any charmable mob.

What? You wasted my time for this?

Yes. In fact, I am doing it in the hopes that someone remembers as a result of this post, and it saves their life. I am ashamed to admit that, in the heat of battle, I died needlessly on several occasions before I got an epiphany (not many BST mentors at the time).

Therefore, if you have a pet, and it gets killed by an EM or T mob, you can charm the very mob you were fighting, as long as it's not uncharmable. It's obvious to most, but until you either do it for the first time yourself, or have good guidance, it's also easy to overlook as an option.

I have saved my own life on more than one occasion since then, simply by charming whatever I was fighting, and either healing until I could take it on again (if it was EM or weaker, or had little health), or keeping it as a pet against another mob and letting it die off. If it was a T or VT which I knew I had no hope of killing, I'd Charm -> Stay -> Run away!

Anyway, I hope that this saves someone's butt, as it has saved my own. I just wish either I'd figured it out sooner (slow Galka) or someone had passed it on.

Using Radar for Hate-Range
Posted by : Aikizen
In the pre-Leave levels of BST, you have to rely on Heel and Stay to finish off your pet to avoid the XP Loss.

One of the problems I encountered, was when isuing the Heel and Stay comands, the enemy would turn on me instead of still fighting the Pet.

So, I learned that if you run out of radar range, so the red dot of the enemy is on the outskirt or off the radar, you can do your Heel and Stay safely, then return to the fight area.

This Hate Range also applies to using the Sic command.
And also for casting Utsusemi, for the Bst/Nin out there.

Notes: This is also useful for making sure you're out of hate range for curing/buffing yourself; Being safely out of Self-Destruct range; or any kind of aggro. Even if you can see a monster on screen, it can NOT detect you unless it's on your radar. (Except NMs like Minotaur and a few others)

Creating less hate with weapons
Firedevil Adds this concept:
In the pre-30's, if you find yourself constantly pulling too much hate with a few hits of the axe, Consider using an axe a few levels below your current one. You will strike weaker blows, taking less hate, but still be able to finish off the enemy with TP when the time comes.

Keep in mind that you can't swtich back to your best axe to do the final WS as that will reset TP to 0%.

Know your Widescan!
Widescan is such a great ability, make sure to know it well. Here's an old thread that had quite a good response.
Widescan Demystified!

Ghetto-Leave!-No longer valid as of Dec 12 '05-
jomiel Reminds us that:
Pre-35, you can have the same effect as Leave (after a battle) if you simply zone out of the area, then come back in. This will help you keep alive those lovely EM pets, or escape from a T charm that's bound to soon kick your butt.

If a zone is not available nearby, there's always /logout. Make sure to {Stay} your pet a little away from you before you do that, if it's agressive. Or you can just wait a minute before logging back in to make sure he's already well on his way home.

This technique is good for healing pets you want to keep alive, but will not help you get full experience as Leave does. So keep at it my, little BSTs!

/logout for your lives!!!
Speaking of /logout, don't forget its an effective way to escape a bad situation without zoning. Just stick a pet or jug on whatevers about to kill you, and /logout as soon as possible!

Make sure to be in a safe corner before doing so, as well as out of AoE attack range, as those will cancel your logout and force you to start your countdown all over again. Keep in mind this technique isn't only for escaping accidental agro, but can also be used to get past something that you can't avoid ticking off (like true-sight monsters).

This technique let me trio past the last part of the Minotaur mission, where you'd normally need a PT or two to make it past the IT+++ Stegotaurs to the fomor library. We'd just sic jugs on one of them, run past him, then /logout all together. log back in again in a hurry, repeat on the 2nd stegotaur, and badabing, we're in the clear.

Add Management
MahoNeko Suggests:
Here's something that's saved me on several occasions, from mischarms, adds and links.

If you get an add/link while fighting your prey, use your macro and have your pet attack the add. Once both mobs are concentrated on your pet line up a new pet or .

additional note: you'll need or in your fight macro ne :3

Forcing Pet AoE!

This is by no means a guarentee of always working, but you can dramatically increase the odds of a AoE or Ranged attack with the following technique.

For the sake of example let's use a Bunny. If you're starting a battle with a Bunny brimming with TP, and for some reason want it to use whirl claws (such as when train farming) do as follows: Make sure the Bunny is training behind you, as you move towards your target. Now the instant you're in command range, use Fight then quickly Sic.

As it runs past from behind you, your pet will use its TP as soon as it's close enough to do so, and usually this means its in AoE range before physical attack range. Therefore it will use whirl claws most of the time with this trick. This also works on self-buffs, if you want your dhalmel to pop you guys a heal, or your crab to stoneskin before battle begins.

This tip can also be a precaution, if you don't want your pet to AoE, make sure its not far from the target when using Sic! There's still a chance it'll AoE but it's reduced.

As already said, this is by no means a 100% guearentee, but it gives you some margin of control that can help a lot.

Canceling the Sic sommand
Deathmagegilgamesh Reminds us
Using Heel will cancel out Sic if you have given the command and the TP attack hasn't been performed yet.

This can be handy if something pops too close to a battle once you've given the Sic Command, and you're unable to move the fight elsewhere. To avoid a dangerous AoE attack from your pet, make it Heel then Fight again. He shouldn't use TP until you tell him to Sic again.

Also, keep in mind that Leave also cancels Sic.

Ancient Magic - {Run Away!}?
MahoNeko says:
No, if you're sure that it's being cast on your pet, wait a few seconds into the casting, and use Leave. Recharm your pet and continue the battle. This should cancel out the caster's attempt a few seconds later. "xxx's casting was interrupted".

Beware, it can be hard to tell who the magic is being cast on, especially with magic pots, so keep in mind you could be the target! In that case Leave won't help, and you should have (Run Away!}.

Weapon Skillup with Charm/Leave
Skulldragger Reminds us:
You may have noticed that when trying to skill up a weapon on a certain kind of monster, some individual enemies seem to give skillups more generously than others. Well if it hapens to be a charmable monster, you're in luck.

All you need to do is whack away at it, getting skillups like mad, and before it dies, Charm/Leave it. Let it rest and then start attacking it all over again, it should keep giving you the same great skillup rates.

This can be done as BST main or as xxx/BST if you're another job high enough to have access to Leave (70+)

Magic Casting Pets : Ordering a Cast
Liluth points out:
When using a Magic Casting pet (Hecteyes, Worms etc...) Sic doubles as "Cast a spell!" if you pet doesn't have 100% TP yet, or is out of range to perform a TP move. Your pet will cast a random spell from its list.

Note: This can be very fun with hecteyes because they tend to have a doublecast bug! Meaning they cast 2 random spells in a row quite a bit when you make them sic at a distance from the target. I'm not sure if this is the same with all hecteyes, but it certainly hapens so much with the high-tier ones in Sea Serpent's Grotto.

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