LS - Organization

Requested and Answered by Wolflow on 31-Oct-2006 13:06

LS - Organization

As a community, a linkshell needs to have a group of commited, trustworthy players, to take decisions about what's going on in the LS and to organize things, set up events, etc. This might sound legalist, but we noticed more often than not that it's the best way to have the LS running smoothly.

This is why we created a "High Council" consisting of the oldest members. Being a member of the Council isn't just a honorific title, but means that these players have responsibility in the LS and actually work so that other members have fun in the LS.

Members of the Council also possess a Pearl Sack (along with SackHolders). This means that they are able to create and distribute new LS pearls to players. Contact any member of the LS if you wish to join, he'll ask a Councillor or a SackHolder.

See our Roster Page for a list of current Council Members as well as LS members.

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