LS - Rules

Requested and Answered by Wolflow on 31-Oct-2006 12:58

LS - Rules

Any community needs rules to function. Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of rules applied in Eternals LS.

- Be fair to other members. Don’t repeatedly make fun of someone, down him or aggress him. Everybody is here to have fun and deserves it. If you have a real problem with someone, report it to a Counsellor or to myself, and we’ll care about it. We don’t want any drama in the LS chat, never.

- Help each other. One of the goals of the LS system is to find help when you need it, and give help whenever you can. This will in addition contribute to a good vibe in the LS.

- Be with us. In order for members to have a good experience within Eternals, we need to have people wearing the linkpearl as much as possible. This is the only way reciprocal help system will work, and the best way to have fun all together.

- Participate in events. The Council takes time to set up events, so please take part whenever you can. If you think that this or that event doesn’t deserve the time it takes, please let the Council know so we can fix it.

- Be on time. Events will start max. 15 minutes after set time. Please be there and be ready (gather gear and necessary items before coming! It doesn’t take you longer to do it the day before). We all have a real life besides game and we understand sometimes it’s just not possible to be on time, but nobody likes to have to wait hours that everybody’s ready. If the number of members available 15 minutes after set time is insufficient, we’ll start recruiting in /shouts.

These are our current rules. They are subject to change at any time as we notice other points that need to be made clear.

Any comments are welcome.

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