How do I activate / expand my Mog Locker ?

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How do I activate / expand my Mog Locker ?


The Mog Locker is an additionnal MH storage space implemented with the ToAU add-on. You get access to your Mog Locker after completing the second ToAU mission. When you receive it, your Mog Locker offers 30 free slots, but this can be upgraded to a maximum of 60 slots.

The Mog Locker is leased. This means you have to pay in order to use it (and expand its size). If you don't pay the weekly fee, you won't be able to access your stored items, like when you're checking your storage from a rent-a-room. but your items won't be lost.

Leasing your mog locker

The currency used to lease the Mog Locker is the Imperial Bronze Piece. Imperial Pieces are obtained either from several quests, either from Ugrihd in Aht Urghan Whitegate (G-9) in exchange for Imperial Credits. Imperial Credits are the ToAU equivalent of the Conquest Points. You can check how many IC you have by looking in the Region Info > Besieged menu.

- Imperial Bronze Piece - 20 Imperial Credits
- 5 Imperial Bronze Pieces - 100 Imperial Credits
- Imperial Silver Piece - 100 Imperial Credits
- Imperial Mythril Piece - 200 Imperial Credits
- Imperial Gold Piece - 1000 Imperial Credits

Once you have obtained your Imperial Bronze Piece, you can go to Fubruhn in Aht Urghan Whitegate (F-11), just on the right of the MH exit. He will explain you how the Locker works and let you lease your Locker.

The leasing cost of your Mog Locker depends if you choose to check it only from Aht Urghan or from any MH and rent-a-rooms all over Vana'diel:
- From Aht Urghan only, it's 1 Imperial Bronze Piece for 7 days (RL)
- From all over Vana'diel, it's 1 Imperial Bronze Piece for 5 days (RL)

You choose where you want to check your Locker From by speaking with Fubruhn.

You can pay the rental or your Locker in advance by successively trading several Imperial Bronze Pieces to Fubruhn (he will only accept one at a time, however). The Moogles will also accept Imperial Bronze Pieces for Locker rentals.

Expanding storage space of your mog locker

By successively trading various Imperial Pieces to Fubruhn, he will expand the size of your Mog Locker:

- 4 Imperial Mythril Pieces ((800 IC) ~> expansion to 40 slots
- 2 Imperial Gold Pieces (2000 IC) ~> expansion to 50 slots
- 3 Imperial Gold Pieces (3000 IC)~> expansion to 60 slots

You have to wait a certain delay between successive expansions, but I don't know exactly how long as of now.

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