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Red Mage Maat Fight guide (by Zackaria)
Requested and Answered by Wolflow on 09-Apr-2006 18:56 (3026 reads)



Head: RDM Artifact armor
Neck: Black silk neckerchief
Earring1: Morion earring
Earring2: Morion earring
Body: RDM Artifact armor
Hands: RDM Artifact armor
Ring1: Zircon ring
Ring2: Zircon ring
Back: Red cape
Waist: Royal knights belt+1
Legs: Magic curiouses
Feet: Custom M Boots(RSE)

Weapons: Wind staff
Ice staff
Dark staff
Light staff

*This was my own gear set up and could have been better. Also for other races you will have to find gear to replace RSE.
**You will need as much INT gear as you can get.

Extra Items

Food: Crimson jelly
Drinks: Yagudo drinks (3)
Potions: Hi-potions (8-10)
Ethers: Vile elixer+1

*These items are a must have. I wasted money on different variations and decided that these have the best effect on the outcome of the fight.
I know you're thinking "I'm RDM what would I need drinks for when I have refresh?". Well it's simply to save MP because the 40-80MP you'll loose will cost you the loss of one Aero III and could cause you to run out of time...



*There are guides that say the best day is Windsday because Aero III does more damage. I discovered that they were right but the extra damage does no good unless you can use it. So I went on Darksday, after trying several times on Windsday, which made a huge diference. On Darksday your enfeebling (black magic) and dark magic have a higher success rate, therefore giving you a better chance to sleep him and actually being able to use your offensive magic.


Your macros will be a key role in your success. These are the macros I used and how I set them.

Sleep I:
/equip Main "Dark Staff"
/ma Sleep

Sleep II:
/equip Main "Dark Staff"
/ma "Sleep II"

Aero III:
/equip Main "Wind Staff"
/ma "Aero III"

/equip Main "Wind Staff"
/ma Gravity

/equip Main "Ice Staff"
/ma Bind

/ma Dispel

/item "Hi-Potion"

(Needed if somthing goes wrong)
Cure IV:
/Equip Main "Light Staff"
/ma "Cure IV"

**Also with mob targeting you can use instead of and
for self targeting instead of
The battle begins

When you have all your items and you're ready to go, take off all your equipment then trade maat your test. You will then be teleported to a BCNM area (not the actual BCNM). Before you enter equip yourself and use your food, then trade your test to the Burning Circle. When you enter, do NOT buff right away! The first thing to do is run right for Maat and use Sleep II on him. This should stick but if not follow it with Sleep I. If that misses it means that you did not sleep him fast enough and he casted blink on himself. You will need to kite him untill you can cast sleep II again.
If it does now use a Yagudo drink and cast buffs. You will only need Phalanx, Blink, and Stoneskin, due to the fact that anything else will use too much MP. After you've buffed up you need to Dispel him until there is nothing left on him. If he wakes up during any of this resleep him, and rebuff if needed.
Now move as far away from him as you can, cast Gravity, then nuke with Aero III and follow with Sleep II. Rebuff if needed. Continue this pattern until your low on MP. At this point use your Vile Elixir+1. Then nuke>>>Sleep him again untill you're low on MP. Now he should be close to 50% HP or less.
If at any point he uses Chainspell (which he should have by now) Sleep him and keep him asleep untill its gone and Dispel him anytime he casts a buff. Then you need to convert and use Hi-potions to get back your HP. Use a macro for this and spam it beacuse it will take less time. Now you will want to use Bind and Gravity on him because if he gets near you its over, he will use Asuran fists and kill you in one shot. Next use chainspell and then spam your Aero III macro untill he admits defeat. If he survives it and you run out of MP, Sleep him and rest untill you have enough MP for one more Aero III. That should finish him off.
If you made it this far you can (|/cheer|) because you've just pimp slapped Maat and increased your level limit ^^

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Posted: 2006/4/10 7:16  Updated: 2006/4/10 7:16


Just can't stay away
Joined: 2006/3/7
From: binghamton , New York, USA
Posts: 80
Sorry but i made a few mistakes on the macros >.< on potions and cures have them set as <me> and on the others set them as <t>. also I forgot amounts of items... 8-10 hi-potions(depends on race.I used 8) and bring 3 yag drinks incase u get a chance to use them.. and i know your thinkin i'm RDM what would i need drinks for when i have refresh... well its simply to save mp because the 40-80mp you'll lose will cost you the lose of one aero 3 and could cause you to run out of time.
sry about the mistakes and i hope you all find this helpful^^


Posted: 2006/4/11 8:54  Updated: 2006/4/11 8:54


Joined: 2005/10/27
From: Geneva, Switzerland
Posts: 192
Ok, corrections added. I was sure I already corrected the targets in macros, but I discovered you cannot simply put something between <> without a space, or it won't be displayed. This must be reserved for markups or something.
Btw, I think once the guide is online, you can edit it freely, since you're a sackholder ^^ give it a try and let me know if it works.
Thank you again for the great work !!
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