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Promyvion-ENM guide (by Wolflow)
Requested and Answered by Wolflow on 23-Feb-2006 14:52 (2837 reads)
General Informations

- The Promyvion areas each hold a specific BCNM-type area in which you can fight either the Promy boss (to go through the CoP story), or an ENM (Empty Notorious Monster).

- You must have access to the Promyvion areas to fight these ENMs, which means you must have installed CoP and seen the first CoP cutscenes.

- Before going for an ENM, you have to choose which one you wanna do and talk with Venessa in Ru'Lude Gardens (H-10). She'll give you a corresponding key item:
Censer of Antipathy for Dem,
Censer of Animus for Mea,
Censer of Abandonment for Holla

- Once you have your Censer key item, proceed through the Promyvion area to the Spire (the same room in which Promy Boss fights take place). Once there, choose the ENM fight.

- A specific ENM battlefield can only be entered once every 5 days. The following NPCs will tell you if you can enter an ENM battle (if you haven't done any ENM yet, they won't talk about ENM):
Moritz - Upper Jeuno (I-8)
Gregory - Bastok Mines (J-9)
Istvan - Windurst Woods (K-11)
Ophelia - South San d'Oria (H-11)

- A maximum or 18 ppl are allowed in the battlefield at once. But this means less XP for everyone and less loot chance. A party of 6 is just fine.

- About any well-balanced party setup should work for ENMs. The folloing setup will work pretty well:

(that's the one that I always used for Promyvion boss fights). These fights are not as difficult as Promy boss fights, though, so feel free to take any job you want, as long as the party is well balanced. RNG is still a must, because it greatly helps to find your way throught the promy floors, kill the strays, etc.

- The time limit is 30 minutes, and there's a level restriction to 30, just like in any Promybion area.

- You won't loose XP if you get KO'd during an ENM fight.

- Preparation for these battles is more or less the same than Promy Boss fights preparation: animas, medecines etc. See Darkprayer's excellent Promyvion guide in the Guides [WiKi] section for more infos.

- Anima effects reminder (for more informations, check Darprayer's guide) :
HysteroAnima (Pain) - Blocks special attacks for 20-30s.
PsychoAnima (Fear) - Blocks basic attacks for 20-30s.
TerroAnima (Guilt) - NM runs around witout attacking for 20-30s.

Ok, so what are the drops ?

- When the ENM is defeated, an armory crate will appear. Raise the dead members if there are any, then all come close to the crate and open it. Rewards include:
. - Experience points for all the members standing (alive) around the crate (2.5k - 4k, depending on the ENM and the number of members you brought).
. - Anima clusters
. - If you're lucky, a specific "Vision" item, as detailed below. These Visions are ex items and must be traded to Venessa in Ru'Lude Gardens (H-10). You'll receive various level 35 earrings in exchange.

Promyvion-Dem ENM "You are what you eat"

Prices checked at Jeuno AH in March 2006.
- Violent Vision ~> Buckler Earring [Shield Skill +3] (~150-200k)
- Painful Vision ~> Dark Earring [Dark Magic Skill +3] (~1M)
- Timorous Vision ~> Enfeebling Earring [Enfeebling Magic Skill +3] (~15M)
- Venerable Vision ~> String Earring [String Instrument Skill +3] (~500k)
- Brilliant Vision ~> Summoning Earring [Summoning Magic Skill +3] (~800k)

Promyvion-Mea ENM "Playing Host"

Prices checked at Jeuno AH in March 2006.
- Valiant Vision ~> Augmenting Earring [Enhancing Magic Skill +3] (~800k)
- Pretentious Vision ~> Elemental Earring [Elemental Magic Skill +3] (~10M)
- Solemn Vision ~> Guarding Earring [Guard Skill +3] (~50K)
- Malicious Vision ~> Ninjitsu Earring [injitsu Skill +3] (~2.5M)
- Pristine Vision ~> Wind Earring [Wind Instrument Skill +3] (~10M)

Promyvion-Holla ENM "Simulant"
Prices checked at Jeuno AH in March 2006.
- Audacious Vision ~> Divine Earring [Divine Magic Skill +3] (~50K)
- Vernal Vision ~> Evasion Earring [Evasion Skill +3] (~8M)
- Timorous Vision ~> Enfeebling Earring [Enfeebling Magic Skill +3] (~15M)
- Venerable Vision ~> String Earring [String Instrument Skill +3] (500K)
- Vivid Vision ~> Healing Earring [Healing Magic Skill +3] (~600K)
- Punctilious Vision ~> Parrying Earring [Parrying Skill +3] (~1.5M)
- Endearing Vision ~> Singing Earring [Singing Skill +3] (~3M)


- Buffs will be lost upon entering the battlefield, so don't waste time and MP buffing before. Once inside, Protect, Shell, Shining Ruby and Aerial Armor will be fine, plus the potions specific to the ENM you're doing.
- Promyvion and ENM mobs tend to become much more dangerous when they have half HP. I recommend using your Hysteroanima slightly before ENM hits 1/2 health. Start with one, and if the mob is still alive when it wears (20-30 seconds), use the second one.
- One SMN should use his 2h when ENM is at ~2/3 HP (I've found Inferno from Ifrit to work very well). Be sure to tell your party not to use a TerroAnima once SMN has used Astral Flow, as this will make the mob run around and waste one blood pact.
- One WAR can use Mighty Strikes when ENM is at ~1/2 HP.

Promyvion-Dem ENM "You Are What You Eat": Ingester [NM]
- Side note: all casters should bring echo drops, as mobs on the way through promyvion have AoE Silence.
- Ability to produce Wanderers (these are best handled by a RNG, in a couple of shoots). This ability is not stopped by Animas.
- Fission: Production of a Neosatiator = "mini-NM". HysteroAnima.
- Spirit Abosrption: Single Target. HP Drain. HysteroAnima.
- Vanity Drive: Single Target. DMG. HysteroAnima.
- Quadratic Continuum: Single Target. DMG. Never seen it myself. HysteroAnima.
- Stygian Vapor: AoE. Paralysis, hate reset. HysteroAnima.

Promyvion-Mea ENM "Playing Host" : Envier [NM]
- Side note: all casters should bring echo drops, as mobs on the way through promyvion have AoE Silence.
- Ability to produce Seethers (these are best handled by a RNG, in a couple of shoots). This ability is not stopped by Animas.
- Brain Spike: Single target. DMG. Never seen it myself. HysteroAnima.
- Empty Thrash: Single target. DMG+. Often used at start so WHM should be ready. HysteroAnima.
- Impalement: Single target. DMG+++. HysteroAnima.
- Murk: AoE. Gravity, Slow. HysteroAnima.
- Promyvion Brume: AoE. DMG, Poison, hate reset (poisona or antidote). HysteroAnima.
- Carrousel: AoE. DMG+. HysteroAnima & PsychoAnima.
- [Buff] Material Fend: Evasion boost. Never seen it myself. HysteroAnima.

Promyvion-Holla ENM "Simulant" : Cogitator [NM]
- Ability to produce Weepers (these are best handled by a RNG, in a couple of shoots). This ability is not stopped by Animas.
- Trinary Tap: Single target. Absorbs 3 status effects, being positive (eg. Protect) or negative (eg. Poison) ones. Will absorb HPs if you don't have 3 status effects (to be confirmed). HysteroAnima.
- Empty Cutter: Single target. DMG+. HysteroAnima.
- Trinary Absorption: Single target. HP Drain. HysteroAnima.
- Shadow Spread: AoE. Curse, Sleep (bring poison potions and holy water!). HysteroAnima.
- Negative Whirl: AoE. DMG. HysteroAnima.
- [Buff] Winds of Promyvion: Erase itself. HysteroAnima.

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