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Quest: Lure of the Wildcat (by Wolflow)
Requested and Answered by Wolflow on 17-Oct-2006 13:25 (1906 reads)

This quest actually consisit of 4 quests with same name, one in each main city. Each of these quests will grant you with a coloured "Invitation Card" (key item):

Jeuno - White Invitation Card
Bastok - Blue Invitation Card
Windurst - Green Invitation Card
San d'Oria - Red Invitation Card

Quest walkthrough

You can start in any city, and activate several quests at once if you want. Once you have talked to the starting NPC of a city, you'll receive a badge of the color of the city. Talk with each and every NPC in this city from the following lists. You can do this at any time. When you talk with a correct NPC, chat log will say that your badge flashes brightly.

Once you've talked to each of the 20 NPCs of one city, come back to the starting NPC for your key item reward.

You have 2 choices once you have completed at least one of these quests (and completed the quest Imperial Sentries):
1) Go to Naja Salaheem everytime you receive a new Invitation Card. She'll reward you with 1 Imperial Bronze Piece every time.
2) Collect all 4 invitation cards, then go see Naja Salaheem. She'll reward you with 1 Imperial Mythril Piece.

Starting NPCs

There are 4 starting NPCs, one for each area:
Ajithaam - Upper Jeuno (G-5) (near gate)
Alib-Mufalib - Bastok Port (K-7)
Ibwam - Windurst Woods (G-11)
Amutiyaal - South San d'Oria (L-6) (near fountain)

Following is a list of all NPCs you'll have to talk to. I've sorted them in order to form a *circuit" so you can just walk from one to the other and save as much time as possible...

Have fun ^^~

Jeuno NPC

Ru'Lude Gardens
G-8 Crooked Arrow (up stairs to AH)
H-9 Albiana (down stairs to central fountain)
G-7 Adolie (inside guard's post)
H-7 Yavoraile (inside dining hall)
I-6 Muhoho (palace balcony)

Upper Jeuno
G-7 Sibila-Mobla (running in fron of cathedral)
G-8 Shiroro (in a house)
G-8 Luto Mewrilah (main street)
H-9 Renik (main street)
H-9 Hinda (inside church)

Lower Jeuno
J-7 Sutarura (in Neptune's Spire 2nd room)
I-7 Saprut (on top of AH, kinda)
H-9 Bluffnix (in Muckvix's Junk Shop) (this one is quite funny btw ^^)
H-10 Naruru (in merchant's house on main street)
G-10 Gurdern (main street)

Port Jeuno
G-8 Red Ghost (main street)
H-8 Karl (main street)
H-8 Shami (main street)
I-8 Sagheera (main street)
I-8 Rinzei (main street)

Bastok NPC

Bastok Port
J-5 Kaede (in the northmost house)
F-5 Patient Wheel (downdsairs behind warehouse 2)
F-6 Paujean (inside warehouse 2)
F-8 Tilian (downstairs near the water)
E-6 Hilda (inside Steaming Sheep Restaurant ; wait for her to walk downstairs to click her)

Bastok Metalworks
G-7 Manilam (upper floor, on balcony besides lift)
G-8 Invicible Shield (upper floor, on balcony inbetween lifts)
G-8 Raibaht (upper floor, inside Cid's Lab)
I-8 Kaela (upper floor, between Jeunoan and Windurstian consulates)
K-7 Ayame (upper floor, inside Cannonry)

Bastok Markets
E-10 Ken (alley)
E-11 Pavel (by the west gate)
I-9 Horatius (inside Trader's home)
J-10 Arawn (near a tree)
K-10 Harmodios (vendor of the Harmodios Music shop...)

Bastok Mines
H-5 Griselda (vendor for the Bat's Lair Inn)
H-6 Deidogg (down the slope)
I-7 Echo Hawk (in the street downstairs)
I-6 Garaow (upstairs, in the passage towards lower street)
H-9 Vaghron (in the street)

Windurst NPC

Windurst Woods
H-10 Soni-Muni (walking *on* the fountain)
I-10 Cayu-Pensharhumi (on the path toward AH)
J-13 Etsa Rhuyuli (mithra kid walking on top of the AH)
I-5 Umumu (near the Dhalmel Farm)
J-3 Nanaa Mihgo (you should know where she's by now :P)

Windurst Walls
J-11 Yoriri (on top of AH)
K-7 Shantotto (... in his manor)
J-6 Moan-Maon (middle of the path)
H-3 Chomomo (northeast of the house of Hero)
F-5 Naih Arihmepp (middle of the path)

Windurst Waters (North)
G-4 Npopo (right before Odin's Gate, on the right when facing gate)
F-8 Lago-Charago (on top of the west building of the Optistery)
G-9 Kobite-Mojite & Amagusa-Chigurusa (besides water on southeast of Huntsman's Court)
F-9 Funpo-Shipo (walking...)
F-10 Kyume-Romeh (Inside the Timbre Timbers Tavern)

Windurst Port
E-7 Yaman-Hachuman (in the Orastery)
E-7 Kunchichi (in the Orastery)
F-6 Choyi-Totlihpa (entrance of tunnel toward port)
G-7 Three of Clubs (in front of pond)
M-6 Yujuju (under a tree near the Air Travel Agency)

San d'Oria NPC

San d'Oria South
K-5 Daggao (inside Lion's Spring Tavern)
J-9 Authere (under tree on left of AH)
I-8 Femitte (under tree in Victory Square)
I-8 Rouva (near Femitte)
G-8 Deraquien (main street)

San d'Oria North
J-8 Anilla (north of fountain)
J-8 Maloquedil (northeast of fountain)
I-9 Giaunne (west of fountain)
H-8 Phairupegiant (northwest of fountain)
E-4 Bertenont (standing on pathway)

Chateau d'Oraguille
I-9 Halver (main hall)
I-9 Curilla (inside Temple Knights Quarters)
H-9 Rahal (inside Royal Knights Quarters)
H-7 Perfaumand (in front of Trion's room)
F-7 Chalvatot (near tombstone)

San d'Oria Port
H-10 Parcarin (top of AH)
H-8 Charlodeau (near water)
H-8 Pomilla (near water)
G-7 Perdiouvilet (inside Rusty Anchor tavern)
J-8 Rugiette (inside Regine's Magicmart)



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