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Beastmaster AF guide (by Crimsonwolf)
Requested and Answered by Crimsonwolf on 27-Sep-2006 23:46 (2489 reads)
For the Beast AF Axe
Talk to Brutus and then head to Delkfutt's Tower. Kill Gigas Watchcaller, Stonemason or Kettlemaster to get a Delkfutt's Chest Key. They chest seems to spawn in one of several locations: (a) Near the elevator, (b) G-8, (c) I-10, (d) F-7 or (e) H-6. Opening the chest will get you the item you need. But its easier to head to the 10th floor and kill stuff there for key and chest shouldnt be to far

For the Beast Gloves:

After talking to Guslam in the armor shop in Upper Jeuno, like most classes, you have to retrieve 'rusty gauntlets' - I think that's what they're named, from a coffer.

Location is depedant on class. For BST it's crawler's nest. Coffer keys drop from Crawler Hunters, Helm Beetles, and Knight Crawlers. You'll need a good solid party to take those on (54-56?). Crawler Hunters will be the nastier of the 3. Best area for Coffer hunting is area where no one goes to lvl, lol. To get to it, you take 2nd tunnel from right from within the 1st room you drop down into that everyone waits in when they're looking for groups in CN. (This first room has lots of maze lizards wandering around.) Use snk for everthing, and invis for the Wespe/Soulstingers. Trade key to coffer, get the old gauntlets. Go talk to Guslam again, then enter Tenshodo in Lower Jeuno and talk to the mithra inside. She'll ask for 1000g to give you information about something. From here investigate the ??? outside the duty free shop (near AH), which is the 'grimy box'. Cutscene occurs and you talk to Borghertz. You may need to trade the gauntlets to the ??? rather than just investigating, actually, I forget. ;x

He askes for 'dark flame' - I think it's called, which is a key item. Assemble a good party and head out to Castle Zvahl Baileys. This is the tricky part. Inside there are lots of Demon Pawns and floating eyes. You'll *need* sneak and invis to get to the point where you'll fight the NM. They aren't too hard, those things, but they link like crazy, and it can get tough when you fight 3-4 at once, even if they are fine one at a time. So probably try to avoid fighting anything on the way, and just clear the area immediately around the fight site - so you don't get aggro during NM fight.

Dark Spark is a bomb, and you spawn him by inspecting the torches. Before he dies he will try to blow up, he died pretty fast. He doesn't have a ton of hp, but with Beserk on he does hit hard. Anyway.. Kill him, inspect the torches again as fast you can, then just warp/escape/tele out.

Go back to the 'grimy box', inspect, and another cutscene occurs, and you will get the Beast Gloves from Borghertz.

For the Beast Gaiters:

Talk to Brutus who gives you 3 Aquafloras (key items) to put in some Underground Pools as remembrance to the beasts that died. This requires you to go to Fei'yin. Generally the early stuff in there is easy prey to decent challenge around lvl 54. Further in, you get to the harder stuff. Snk/invis is necessary (the golems are sight based, rest is sound, magic pots aggro by magic). There are 3 pools in the lower area of Fei'yin. This map is of that *lower* area. The 3 underground pools are at: F-5, H-5, and H-8. On our first one, when we inspected, Dabotz's Ghost appears (banshee/poltegeist/bogy class). Clear the room of bats and Droma first (I think the Underworld bats aggro but can be used as pets, though they make weak fighters. The Camazotz are better which are the single bat versions). I duoed this guy with a lvl 56 bst. It was tough work. He can cast Tornado and does a variety of black magic, and probably Curse.

When he dies, inspect the pool again, and you will get a cutscene with a galka BST after throwing in your first aquaflora berating you for a pathetic attempt at remembrance. Find the other two pools in that area and inspect each. Go back to Brutus.

Final bit requires you to go to Castle Oztroja and kill Yagudo Conquistadors, Priors and Zealots for a Chest key. Find a chest, trade key and you'll get a Beast collar. [CHEST not COFFER ;p] Trade this to the walking monkey called Tebhi (who's basically in the area where all those Yagudo spawn - this is also near the pool where PLD have to kill a NM for one of their AF pieces). He'll disappear, so head back to Upper Jeuno and talk to Brutus one final time to receive the boots.

For Beast Helm:

Easy stuff. Not quest based. Just kill Hellmines, Fallen Majors, Fallen Mages and Magic Jugs, in the basement sort of area of Garlaige Citadel. At the level where you can wear this headgear (56) you could well be xping off these already - I was now and then. Hellmines are incredibly risky and can Self Destruct sometimes which means dmg roughly based on how many HP they have left I think (one blew up once for 1800 dmg, so yes, do not get close). Additionally, Magic Jugs can be lethal. They cast stuff like Flare, and have some nasty high lvl -ga II spells. Once you get the key you'll need help to get past Banishing Gate #1, #2 and #3 to find a coffer. Most coffers spawn past Banishing Gate #3 - If you're on during primetime and prepared to wait, you could just sneak through when other parties open them. Use snk for everything, and invis for beetles and bombs. Bombs also aggro to magic, so be careful. Trade coffer key to coffer, and you'll get the Beast Helm there and then.

For Beast Jackcoat:

Done this one now. You have to head fairly deep into Beadeaux, and again a map is fairly necessary. Be aware that you need to pass the "the Mute" and "the Afflictor". If you've done rank 5, you'll know these, but "the Mute" silences you when you inspect, and "the Afflictor" will Curse you in an area around it *unless* you're silenced. Weird but that's how that works. So you have to get silenced by "the Mute" before you can go into the deeper areas. Echo drops are absolutely essential. You have to kill Ancient, Darksteel, Platinum and Sapphire Quadavs to get the coffer key. These are pretty damn tough (some were IT at lvl 57), so you need a balanced party with healers, tank and dmg dealers. They link, and detect by sound. They are different jobs too, like other beastmen, and one is a magic user, but I forget which. I think it was the Sapphire quadav. Must keep it silenced. ;p Once you find coffer just trade the key to get the jackcoat there and then.

For Beast leggings:

To begin, you need to talk to Dietmund in Lower Jueno, the same guy that you had to talk to unlock the BST job. After that, buy a piece of Mahogany lumber, take it to the little boy named Osker in Upper Jeuno in the Chocobo stables. He will fashion a key item whistle. After recieving the whistle, you will head to Eldieme Necropolis.

You must enter the Necropolis from Beaudicine Glacier. Once you're inside, the tomb is located at D-4, and its the furthest one back and to the left. Once you clear the room of ghosts, click on the tomb and 2 tigers and a undead hound will pop. The tigers are charmable at 60, fairly easily. The tigers do the regular tiger abilites so try to bring along atleast another Bst with you to charm the other one as well, since they have AoE paralyze and some nasty damaging attacks. The real challenge is the undead hound.

You only need to defeat the hound. If you charmed the tigers (which I would highly reccomend) they will poof after the hound dies. Inspect the tomb again, you will get a long cutscene and then recieve your AF trousers.

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