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Eternals Events : Windy Rank 10 !! Now off to the ZMs
Posted by Wolflow on 2006/10/17 13:49:42 (2055 reads)

Last sunday, after 5 successive sundays spent doing windy missions, Lexington and myself as well as 5 other ppl finally got rank 10 !!

{Conquest Points} {You can have this.} ^^

So I'm going to focus on the Zilart event now. Click on "Read more..." for details.

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Eternals Events : Zilart Missions [Sky access] starting soon !!
Posted by Wolflow on 2006/10/13 23:53:23 (2519 reads)

Like announced on the LS welcoming message, we're willing to start doing ZM and unlock Sky access for those that need it.

We intend to finish the ZM storyline following Sky unlocking too.

I've been thinking of replacing the Tuesday's ENM by ZMs. We'd do the ENMs at a different time of day in this case, or maybe on another day.

Please post comments here for feedback !!


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Eternals Events : >>> /!\ Warning /!\ Leader Changing on sat. september 16th <<<
Posted by Wolflow on 2006/8/23 10:20:00 (2424 reads)

The LS is going to be recreated with me as leader. The change is going to take place on saturday september 16th. We'll meet in Jeuno and distribute new pearls to all the members. Click on "Read more" below for details.

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Eternals Events : Promyvion ENM time changed
Posted by Wolflow on 2006/3/29 11:16:49 (2136 reads)

The time for our tuesday's promy runs has changed. It's now set to 7pm GMT by default.

We have lost alot of time with preparation for our last runs. I know there is nothing out of the ordinary with this, but because of this,
1) We never could do all 3 promy in one evening
2) I've heard ppl saying "I'm sorry, I won't do another one today, I didn't think it would take so long" too many times, being from LS members or not. When this happens, we have to go back to jeuno and try to find a new member, which makes even more time loss.

it would be cool if we could all be ready @ 7, so that those that cannot stay very late can do at least 2 runs !

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Eternals Events : Promyvion-ENM
Posted by Wolflow on 2006/2/28 10:46:39 (1974 reads)

We are going to do promy-ENM runs every tuesday, ass announced in the LS welcome message ingame.

Kettle and myself started to do promy-ENMs last week, and we had a good time, as well as nice XP (3k for each fight, that is 9k for the 3 ENMs... 9k in 2-3h ain't bad at all, and it can be funnier than regular XP party).

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Eternals Events : Promyvion-Mea : Success ! (again ^^)
Posted by Wolflow on 2005/12/5 0:20:00 (1637 reads)

Sooo, we went for Promy-Mea this sunday, and succeeded this promy like the other 2 ^^ ...

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Eternals Events : Promyvion-Holla : Success !
Posted by Wolflow on 2005/12/4 11:40:00 (2270 reads)

We went for the Promyvion-Holla last saturday evening...

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Eternals Events : Mission 5-2 complete
Posted by Kettle/Cougar on 2005/11/16 18:13:33 (1891 reads)

I completed this mission last night with Eternals ls member Nathos and 4 others. Read the rest of this news on the forum, here :


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Eternals Events : 5-1 mission sucess. . . second time round!
Posted by Tailei on 2005/11/15 0:00:00 (1962 reads)

Well people we attempeted mission 5-1 and went in unpreparesd first time round >.< ALWAYS remember your buffs <(^ . ~ )> \m/ reraise is a good choice of spell also if u fail u can get back up at the end and raise ur friends thatt fell ^^ (if your WHM that is ^^) we went in with 5 members and won but it was a struggle so i'd say a full party is best ^^.
The set-up we used was WHM,RDM,PLD,NIN, and RNG we did struggle on the second try but we managed to come out victorious in the end with only 2 deaths. i think the idea for this is to go in with some strong DD's and have some UBER def as the skelies that fight with the boss can prove to be a bit of a problem. a RDM is a must have in my opinion to keep the WHM's mp up for healing the DD's and or the tank ^^ theres not much more i can say but try to keep the tank/DD's alive and kill the boss skellie ASAP ^^ hopefully more people will register thier fights and give better detail but for now good luck ^^


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Eternals Events : Promyvion-Dem : Success ^^
Posted by Wolflow on 2005/11/7 19:00:22 (2380 reads)

We did it
our first event with this LS was a success !

We were...

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