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Miscellaneous : New Shell created
Posted by Wolflow on 2006/9/17 0:28:55 (2050 reads)

It's done !!

We've deleted the "old" Eternals shell and created a "new" Eternals shell. The color is roughly the same and we'll distribute pearls to all of our members. See the details by clicking on "read more".

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Eternals Events : >>> /!\ Warning /!\ Leader Changing on sat. september 16th <<<
Posted by Wolflow on 2006/8/23 10:20:00 (2424 reads)

The LS is going to be recreated with me as leader. The change is going to take place on saturday september 16th. We'll meet in Jeuno and distribute new pearls to all the members. Click on "Read more" below for details.

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Site Update : User informations - {Please check it} ^^
Posted by Wolflow on 2006/5/3 10:00:00 (2241 reads)

I've been working on the users database lately, in order to :
1) Add BLU, PUP and COR to the jobs list.
2) Change certain fields format, to make then compatible with a roster program I'm planning to write some time (I'm not really happy with the one we have).

I've made the following changes:
1) Nation selection is now a dropdown menu, and ranking has to be entered in a 2-digit format in a separate field
2) Main job and subjob are now choosen in 2 separate dropdown menus
3) Each job level is now in a 2-digit format, "00" if job not activated, "01" if job not leveled, "##" if job leveled, ## being the level of the job. I've updated each user info to conform to this format, so please check your job levels to see if it's correct.
4) Each craft level is now in a 3-digit format, "000" if not leveled, "###" if leveled, where ### is your level.
5) Added BLU, COR and PUP to the list of jobs.
6) Switched Alchemy and Bonecraft fields, because they had crossed referers.

So please, please, check your user informations, correct it if it's necessary, and keep your informations up to date.
This site is very useful for LS administration and is the www face of our LS. User infos have to be accurate!

What I'm asking you to check:
1) Nation, rank
2) Main/Sub jobs
3) Jobs levels, and add BLU-COR-PUP info
4) Crafting skills, with a special attention to Alchemy and Bonecraft

Thank you for your time!

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Site Update : BCNM Guides
Posted by Wolflow on 2006/3/30 0:02:09 (2244 reads)

We have 2 new guides, about BCNMs, written for you by Zackaria. I personnaly look forward to try these tactics ^^

Thank you for the great work, Zack !

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Eternals Events : Promyvion ENM time changed
Posted by Wolflow on 2006/3/29 11:16:49 (2136 reads)

The time for our tuesday's promy runs has changed. It's now set to 7pm GMT by default.

We have lost alot of time with preparation for our last runs. I know there is nothing out of the ordinary with this, but because of this,
1) We never could do all 3 promy in one evening
2) I've heard ppl saying "I'm sorry, I won't do another one today, I didn't think it would take so long" too many times, being from LS members or not. When this happens, we have to go back to jeuno and try to find a new member, which makes even more time loss.

it would be cool if we could all be ready @ 7, so that those that cannot stay very late can do at least 2 runs !

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Site Update : Promy - ENM guide updated
Posted by Wolflow on 2006/3/29 0:50:53 (2481 reads)

I've updated the Promy-ENM guide. Added all ENM special attacks, as well as how to deal with it. Also added a reminder of Anima effects.

I'd really like to encourage everyone to read it. It's very boring to have to explain things to people while it's all written here. A better understanding of these ENM fights will also avoid future failures. So {Please Check It} !!

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Site Update : New menu
Posted by Wolflow on 2006/3/27 21:30:39 (2225 reads)

I've updated the menu and got rid of useless commands. Also changed the site layout a bit.

I hope you'll like the new menu ^^

I'm currently working on a better site design with easiest focus on informations.

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Eternals Events : Promyvion-ENM
Posted by Wolflow on 2006/2/28 10:46:39 (1974 reads)

We are going to do promy-ENM runs every tuesday, ass announced in the LS welcome message ingame.

Kettle and myself started to do promy-ENMs last week, and we had a good time, as well as nice XP (3k for each fight, that is 9k for the 3 ENMs... 9k in 2-3h ain't bad at all, and it can be funnier than regular XP party).

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Miscellaneous : Treasures of Aht Urhgan - Release date announced
Posted by Wolflow on 2006/2/8 11:43:34 (2948 reads)

I'm sure most of you already know it by now ... but I had to post this here anyway ! Square Enix finally announced the release of the new expansion pack, the Treasures of Aht Urghan.

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Site Update : New guides section (FAQ)
Posted by Wolflow on 2006/1/29 23:30:00 (2008 reads)

Added a FAQ section. Will mostly be used for...

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